Becoming a Facilitator

‘The role of the facilitator is critical to the success of the Spaceshaper 9-14 programme, not just in terms of delivering successful workshops but also in being an advocate for Spaceshaper 9-14.’

Spaceshaper 9-14 aims to provide high quality engagement; with workshops managed by an experienced Spaceshaper 9-14 facilitator. As a facilitator you will be expected to lead workshops with young people. This includes advising on how Spaceshaper 9-14 can add value to projects and planning and delivering successful workshops. The training and toolkit will support you to engage younger and older generations in activities and facilitated discussion about a local space, so that they have a better understanding about design quality and how spaces work. The workshop will help raise aspirations and encourage people to demand more from their local spaces. The overall aim is to gather data that will be used to directly help improve the space in question. This may also mean offering your own experience of other public spaces to help inform the debate. You are also required to feedback on how the toolkit is performing so that we can continue to improve it over time.

Applications will therefore be assessed purely on the information given on relevant skills and experience.

Spaceshaper 9-14 Facilitator Application

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About you


Please tell us about your skills and experience in the following subject areas, with particular reference to Spaceshaper 9 - 14.


The cost for the training day is £300+VAT which includes a year’s membership fee. The accompanying resource kit is an additional £150+VAT and can be purchased when you need it to deliver your first workshop.

You should receive an email soon telling you whether your application has been successful. Please add “” to your address book so as to ensure that the email does not land in your junk-email folder.