Commissioning a Workshop


How does it work?

Spaceshaper 9-14 is an interactive toolkit, which is delivered in a workshop style format over 4 hours. Only Facilitators trained in the use of the toolkit have access to all the materials to deliver a workshop – these include interactive materials and access to the website, used to share results during the session.

The Facilitator will introduce to the group some key concepts about design, ensure participants visit the site, lead them through a number of activities, which engage both the young and the old, and facilitate further discussion about the site. It is important that every voice is heard, and the toolkit allows this to be achieved.


Spaceshaper looks at several key issues in order to assess the quality of a space including:

  • Access  — finding your way and getting about
  • Use  — what activities and opportunities the space offers
  • Other people  — how the space caters for different needs
  • Maintenance  — how clean and cared for the space is
  • Environment  — how safe and comfortable the space is
  • Design and appearance  — what the space looks like and what it is made from
  • Community  — how valued the space is by local people
  • You  — how the space makes each participant feel.

There are over 150 facilitators based nationally, who have been trained to deliver Spaceshaper for young people, since the tool was launched in December 2009.

If you wish to incorporate a Spaceshaper workshop into your project and would like to commission a facilitator to deliver a workshop please contact the Spaceshaper team who will be happy to send you the details of trained facilitators in each region and work with you, to meet your requirements.

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