About Spaceshaper

Understanding the value of public spaces and place making is an important part of creating active citizens.


Why was Spaceshaper 9-14 developed?

Spaceshaper is a tool, (developed and launched by CABE in 2007 and now managed by the Landscape Institute), which seeks to engage communities in making a positive contribution to improving places dear to them.

Spaceshaper 9-14 was developed along side Spaceshaper to ensure young people, who are often excluded from consultation, have a voice about spaces that are important to them. During the development of the tool the team found that this approach also worked well with young people and adults participating in a workshop together.

Spaceshaper 9-14 is an excellent way in which qualitative and quantitative data can be collected about a space during community consultations, and a number of funding bodies recognize its use when assessing grant applications.

Benefits for Client?

Spaceshaper 9-14 is a great way for young people and adults to become interested and involved in their local space. For those wishing to develop a space the toolkit provides the following benefits:


  • Generates useful qualitative and quantitative data to inform the improvement of the space in question
  • Measure how well the space meets people’s needs
  • Establishes what is most important to the community
  • Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a space
  • Stimulates new and realistic ideas for improvements


Benefits for Community?

Older and younger generations live, work, play and learn alongside each other and may often have common interests and concerns within their neighbourhood. Often, particularly during community consultations, the opportunity for mixed age groups to meet and discuss the issues faced in their neighbourhood is missed. As a result, feelings of misunderstanding, hostility and even fear of each other, may develop. Spaceshaper 9-14 provides a fantastic opportunity for all ages of the community to come together and understand different viewpoints, in order to improve a space.

The benefits for the community are that Spaceshaper 9-14:

  • Compares the viewpoints of younger and older generations
  • Encourages community involvement and strengthens communities
  • Develops a better understanding between people of different ages
  • Enables joint learning and the exchange of experience and knowledge between older and younger people
  • Promotes social inclusion and builds mutual respect

Spaceshaper activity


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